One thought on “Mont Belair September 8th 2013 (3)

  1. Jigs

    The Cherokee Community of Central California/Ridgecrest Area is doing a fund raiser to sprpout the Ridgecrest Cherokee Hog Fry & Pow Wow planned for November 17. To raise funds we are selling tickets to the 2012 Non-profit Community Showcase to be held on October 13, 2012 at the Kerr McGee Center & Freedom Park in Ridgecrest. Tickets to the Community Showcase are $10 which provides a barbeque dinner, raffle ticket, and valuable coupons for local restaurants (like KFC, Casey’s Steakhouse, Pizza Factory, Farris Diner/Italian Gardens, and Baskin Robbins) and the Ridgecrest Cinemas. If you don’t want the dinner, you can still donate $5 and get a raffle ticket plus the coupons. For more information on how to purchase your tickets or for more information on the upcoming Hog Fry/Pow Wow, please contact Little Deer Durvin at 760-382-4096.


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